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The Embarrassing Questions.

Depending on the service, Sugaring can have us in a vulnerable positon. Why not lighten the mood and ask the questions that everyone wants to know. Here I will answer more of the frequently asked embarrassing questions. Enjoy!

-Q: Can I get sugared on my period?

-A: YES! In this industry it just comes with the territory. All we ask is that you wear a tampon to keep us both safe and linens clean. Overall... If you are comfortable getting sugared during this time, then so is your technician.

-TIP: Typically the most painful time to receive a bikini wax is the week before your cycle is scheduled to start. For a lot of women these days it's hard to know due to having an IUD. Although you may no longer have a period, your body still has hormone fluctuations. Keep in mind that the week before is true for most but not all. Every body is different.

-Q: How badly does it hurt?

-A: It depends on the area. It also depends on the person. Keeping in mind that most people feel sugaring isn't as painful as traditional wax, we are still removing hair from your body. It's still going to hurt a bit.

-TIP: Keeping up with bikini services ever 4-5 weeks will help cut back on the pain factor. When you keep up with it the hair will become more sparse and often more fine.

-Q: How do I avoid ingrown hairs?

-A: This is a tricky one. Since everyone's skin is slightly different in pH (pH is a numeric scale used to specify the acidity or basicity) and also how the hair grows in. For example. If your hair is curly, the likelihood of it getting curled under the surface of the skin is more common. This does not mean if you have curly hair you will have a ton of ingrowns. Another factor is how well hydrated your skin is. If your skin is dry the hair has a hard time breaking through that top layer of the skin and can end up getting redirected back down into the lower layers of the epidermis as it continues to grow.

-TIP: Drink plenty of water. Do some manual, light exfoliation 2-3 times a week and moisturize daily. Yes... even down there. Also adding in a serum to your routine specifically designed for ingrowns can help drastically.

-Q: Who's a bigger whimp? Men or Women?

-A: It depends. Everyone's pain tolerance varies.

-Q: What positions will I have to get into?

-A: Depending on the service you might be rotating all over the table. However you will NEVER be on all fours.

-Q: Should I trim before my appointment?

-A: NO! Please do not trim. Often times clients will trim too close to the skin and then have to be turned away at the time of the service. Your technician is always happy to trim for you. It's better to have it too long that too short. Although sugar is great at getting the little guys it still needs something to hang on to.

-Q: How long should my hair be?

-A: 1/4 -1/2 inch is ideal. Again... if the hair is too long your technician will trim for you.

-TIP: A good rule to remember is to book your appointment two weeks from the last day you shaved.

-Q: Is my Vagina Normal?

-A: YES! No two vaginas are the same. You are unique and perfect.

-TIP: While getting a bikini service done. You're technician isn't looking at your vagina as a whole. We are focused on the exact area we are working on in that very moment.

-Q: Does the butt crack hurt?

-A: For most, no. Everyone has a different amount of hair back there but for the most part it is very tolerable.

-TIP: Butt cracks need aftercare too. Although you may not need to moisturize as often as the bikini area, it's important to remember that it's skin too. Keep it clean.

-Q: Does it weird you out to do the butt crack?

-A: No. During esthetics school you are trained and work on this region of the body regularly. At some point it just becomes a body part.

-Q: Has anyone ever passed gas during a service?

-A: Yes. It is a function of the human body. Sometimes all that pulling and pushing on skin to make it tight for hair removal can move things around in the gut. It happens and it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

-TIP: Even though your technician is understanding... a heads up if you can help it.

-Q: I made an appointment after the gym. Should I shower first?

-A: If you have time, yes please. If not, no biggie. You'll be provided with wipes to clean up the area prior to your service.

-TIP: Your sweat has a ton of bacteria in it. Having clean skin will help avoid those angry red ingrowns that are often caused by said bacteria. Showering is optional but it's in your best interest. It's also much appreciated by your technician.

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