Q & A

Sugaring vs. Traditional Wax

We've all been there. Fed up with shaving but can't commit to laser hair removal and traditional wax leaves you feeling sore and tender for days. There is another alternative that has been around since ancient Egypt times - Sugaring. There are many reasons to switch.


The sugar paste used to remove body hair consists of three simple ingredients; sugar, water, and lemon juice. The benefits of this is that there are no harsh chemicals; making it an excellent option for those who have sensitive skin.

- Traditional wax has a tendency to remove live skin cells. This is what we call "lifting." Lifting the skin can leave you with a not so pretty scab and sometimes even leave a scar. Sugaring does not remove any live skin cells. It only removes the dead ones; acting as gentle exfoliant. This is why most people agree that sugaring is less painful.

- Sugaring is better for sensitive skin. Since it only removes dead skin cells it leaves the skins integrity intact. Sugar is kept and applied at lukewarm temperatures so you wont be at risk of being burned like with traditional wax. This makes sugar excellent to those who are more reactive.

-Sugaring and Traditional wax are similar in that they both remove the hair from the root, however they differ in the application. Using a sugaring technique, the sugar paste is applied against the grain, working the sugar down into the hair follicle; encasing more of the hair. It gets a better grip if you will. When it is removed, it is done so in the same direction of the hair growth. This often helps reduce the amount of ingrown hairs that may occur. Wax is removed against the grain which can often break the hairs off right under the surface of the skin, causing additional ingrowns.

-When you do any kind of hair removal, bacteria is a concern. You always want to keep the area clean to avoid any kind of infection or irritation. Luckily bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar. Whereas traditional wax is chalked full of chemicals bacteria doesn't mind breeding in.

-Cleaning up at the end of any service can be a hassle if using traditional wax. It is hard to get off because it adheres to your skin and often requires the use a heavy oil to work it off your already irritated, sore skin. Sugar is water-soluble. Any sugar residue is easily wiped off with damp cloth. This also can save you from any potentially damaged clothing.

-Sugaring is better for the environment. There are no strips that take up more space in the trash and there are less sticks used as well. With traditional wax a stick and strip are needed for every pull. For most services the same sugar you start with is what you finish with. Typically sticks are only used during a sugaring treatment to grab additional sugar for larger areas, such as the legs.